Grave Finder At St. Stan's

Welcome to Grave Finder at St. Stanislaus R.C. Cemetery, Cheektowaga, N.Y.

Through using my website you will be able to find photos, information regarding relatives and their final resting place. The search feature allows you to submit a query by last name or year of death. I display all of the information that I’ve compiled, including multiple photos of gravesites, their location, date deceased, military service if any, and any possible alternative or "americanized" spellings of the name.

The information from my index does NOT co-ordinate with the official St. Stanislaus maps. I have created my own maps that do coordinate with my index. In many instances, I have REVERSED  SOME LINES in order to make finding stones easier! My maps are intended for you to be able to find a gravesite as easily as possible. I have spent months in each section mapping where gravestones are located. I index their location as a reporter and sometimes their location differs from their original location. I have even included paces in areas that I believe will help you to find gravestones. Paces are found mainly on the old side of the cemetery in areas that have few stones. In some instances some gravesites are impossible to locate because of the lack of stones. If I can’t find where a burial is located I DO NOT  list a line number.  I do list the first VISIBLE surname on each line with a line number. My line numbers CO-ORDINATE with MY MAPS, again not ST. STANISLAUS OFFICIAL MAPS. The office secretaries cannot help you with my index, but If it’s easier, you can go to the office and they can assist you with their filing system. I welcome you to enjoy & share this resource. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that helped to make this project possible. Edward Kornowski, a PGSNY member and David Szyjka, the Director of St. Stanislaus Cemetery. David’s secretaries, Julie,  Joanne,  Doug Nichy, my important IT person who taught me so much and kept my computer running, Lillia Biszko Leszczynski for translating my Cyrillic stone’s. Dolores Ferguson and Maureen Gleason  members of the PGSNY helped me with Polish translations as well as brainstorming. A big thank you goes out to members of the Family Research Center in Williamsville for encouragement. Lastly, a thank you to my son  Zachary Ruppert, grandson Jaxon Conlon, and neighbor Ethan Nichy. Lastly, to Rick Dombkiewicz who took my vision and turned my index into a searchable website.  Thanks to ALL!